If the forecasted temperature on BOM (Bureau of Meteorology) at 8am on the morning of the matches is 35° C or above ALL 5.45pm & 6.40pm matches are abandoned. (CANCELLED) (See Abandoned Match) 7.30pm, 8.20pm & 9.10pm games will still be played however quarters will be reduced by 2 minutes. AMD 26/10/17

Senior matches will still be scheduled with the decision to Forfeit or Abandon matches left up to individual Teams/Clubs. (See Forfeit) (See Abandoned Match) AMD 26/7/07


Matches are NOT abandoned due to wet weather. Umpires/Court Supervisors can suspend/abandon play in individual matches while HAIL or LIGHTNING is present. NEW 8/3/00


HEAT AGE competition – In the event of extreme hot weather conditions the Executive will decide if matches will be abandoned. A notification will be added to EDNA Facebook at 4pm. AMD 22/2/18

Extreme weather condition forfeits need to be made before 4pm to avoid a fine. NEW 22/2/18

Winter – If the Executive deems the weather conditions are considered to be unsafe for players and or officials, notification will be made on EDNA Facebook 1 (one) hour before commencement of first game. All matches will be declared abandoned. (See Abandoned Match) AMD 22/2/18


All Finals are played on days as scheduled but Playing Times & Locations may be changed at short notice. NEW 8/3/00

NOTE: Everyone (coordinators, coaches, umpires & parents) has a duty of care to players. Individual teams still have the option of forfeiting or parents removing a child from the competition. (EDNA does not hold medical records of individuals)